Our Expertise

S TEAM 92 offers you installation development, software and complete systems with excellent functionality, performance and availability.
You can count on our reliability, punctuality and customer-friendliness guaranteed by our rich experience in this sector.

Our business areas:

  • Complete solutions in automation technology
  • System specifications
  • Project management
  • Project controlling
  • SPS software
  • Robot programming
  • Switchgear engineering
  • Facilities installation planning
  • Personal leasing by contract for work and services
  • Hiring our of employees

Core area:

  • SPS software (SIMATIC Manager, TIA-Portal, CoDeSys)
  • Robot programming (ABB, KUKA)
  • Retro fit
  • Hardware development (EPLAN P8)
  • Visualisations
  • Project management & development
  • Project controlling

Additional services:

  • Additional competent staff from our employee pool
  • Switchgears
  • Facility installations


  • Complex coverage
    SPS and computer technology, robotics, visualisations and control technology
  • Application experience of all of our staff of many years' standing
    in device controlling, controlling and management systems in development, production and material flow
  • Integrated PC & SPS solutions
    Software on PC and SPS level and connective communications, PC-based controlling systems
  • Technology standards
    varnishing machines, storage and material handling technology, logistics, transfer lines, special and machine engineering, storage and material handling technologies, logistics, transfer lines, special and machine engineering, print technology
  • Competitiveness
    flexible global resourcing, intern lean structures